Saturday, October 01, 2005

"We hope for the best for Neil and his family."

Men of a certain age, to paraphrase that wonderful character, Edna Mode of "The Invincibles," are unstable. Prone to weakness. That's why we need religion in the first place - to give us a pure image of grace to strive toward, to contrast against the stinking hash we so often make of our actual lives.

Sure, they're sinners, hypocrites, liars. Aren't you?

At least sometimes? Maybe often?

-- Neil Steinberg, August 14, 2005, New York Daily News.

From your Chicago Sun-Times:
Chicago Sun-Times columnist and editorial board member Neil Steinberg was arrested at his home late Wednesday and charged with striking his wife during an argument.

Steinberg was charged with domestic battery and interfering with the reporting of domestic battery, both misdemeanors, Northbrook Police Sgt. Tony Matheny said.

The second charge stemmed from Steinberg taking the phone away from his wife to prevent her from calling police, Matheny said.

Steinberg appeared in court Thursday morning and was released on a recognizance bond.

"I'm deeply humiliated to have brought this misfortune on my family, and am eager to do what is necessary to set it right," Steinberg said Friday.

Steinberg said he had been drinking before the incident, and will enter alcohol counseling Monday.

Steinberg and his wife have been married for 15 years.

Matheny said there was a visual injury to her, but it did not require hospitalization. Wednesday's incident was the first report of domestic violence at the home, he said.

"We hope for the best for Neil and his family," said Sun-Times Editor John Barron.
Steinberg's column did not appear in Friday's paper. A note in the Sun-Times said he was "taking the day off."


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