Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Raise cash, leave in a flash

Hal Dardick

May 24, 2005

As California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger regaled the state's top Republicans at the Chicago Hilton & Towers Monday, three Ford Broncos waited near a side door.

When he finished speaking--to raise money for his pet California ballot initiatives--bodyguards rushed to the Broncos, peeled rubber leaving the driveway, sped around the building and screeched to a halt.

Without so much as an "I'll be back," Schwarzenegger dashed from a side door into a Bronco, and all three sped off.

On his way in, the Terminator-turned-governor managed to evade nurses marching in protest of his policies, fans hoping for a glimpse of a celebrity, and reporters seeking a quote.

But Schwarzenegger wowed GOP pols, including former Gov. Jim Edgar, who snagged an autograph for his 10-year-old grandson.

Edgar and others, including state Sen. Peter Roskam of Wheaton, praised Schwarzenegger's personal story and political career. Roskam even conceded the Governator's drawing power is greater because of his acting career.

"I think they are looking at him first as the Terminator and second as governor," Roskam said.

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