Monday, December 05, 2005

illinoisreview: Roskam race stirs increasing national attention

Roskam race stirs increasing national attention

By IR Editor on Campaign Review

Looks like 6th Congressional district GOP candidate Peter Roskam may not have the easy dash to DC he was hoping for have after all . . .

Not only has another GOP candidate decided to entertain us with an attempt to drain funds and energy by entering the GOP primary (see "Could Roskam's GOP primary threat be a ploy of the Dems?") but Dem kingmaker Rahm Emanuel appears to be moving toward getting his candidate out of military active duty and pushed toward a whole new political war in the western suburbs.
The candidate has no legislative experience and hasn't officially moved back into the district yet . . . but that doesn't matter. She's a sympathetic image and a reminder of the devastation of war.

Just like the images so branded on our minds from 9-11, when the attack was on our home front.

Look for the battle to be over whether or not we should be in Iraq, not over who will represent the views of the 6th district best in D.C.

Link: Hotline On Call.

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