Friday, December 02, 2005

Rahm Injures Knee in Celebrity Touch-Football Game

From The Reliable Source, The Washington Post, Friday, December 2, 2005; Page C03:
L.A. is a very dangerous place. If you go there, you run the risk of getting lured into a touch-football game with Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Garry Shandling , and maybe tearing a ligament. Okay, maybe that wouldn't happen to most of us -- but it did happen to Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) when he took his family to visit his brother, agent Ari Emanuel, for Thanksgiving. The game, organized by Ari's pal, actor-director Peter Berg, also included former superagent Mike Ovitz . The congressman says he slid on one knee to catch a long pass from country crooner McGraw; on the next play, his knee just collapsed. So: football with Faith? "She's a darn good player," he said. "And McGraw's got a good arm -- I felt lucky catching the pass."

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